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Automation Gateway
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Automation Gateway

Automation Gatewaz allows Creo Parametric or Pro/ENGINEER to directly integrate with other applications, such as with the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Access, Internet Explorer, and Visual Basic SQL server), so that you can customize your Creo environment to your own needs.

The product is based on Microsoft's ActiveX technology, and therefore can interface with any application that supports ActiveX. AutomationGATEWAY allows a developer to use several programming languages, such as Visual Basic, VBA, C, any .NET language (C#, Visual Basic.NET), and others.

No other method will give you the ease of use and the flexibility of AutomationGATEWAY to automate your design process and the creation of deliverables.

Price list

AGW DEMO licence
15 days evaluation

Product highlights

  • Ease of use: No need to learn Pro/TOOLKIT or C (programming language)
  • Flexibility: Use multiple development languages, such as Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET and C#
  • AutomationGATEWAY can drive over 175 Creo Parametric functions with the use of an external application
  • Visual Basic is a standard in the industry today. You don't need to be a C programmer to make it work or have to worry about the cost of recruiting and staffing a C programmer
  • Provides the ability to quickly automate portions of the design process
  • Low-cost entry point to automation: Start with one seat and add seats as required
  • Great tool to migrate to after Pro/PROGRAM capabilities have been exhausted
  • Customer-driven enhancements: Very responsive to customer requirements
Automation Gateway for Creo screenshot

Product Features

File management

  • Retrieve, Rename, Copy
  • Generation of deliverables such as IGES, STEP, DXF, plot files, etc.
  • Access to Pro/INTRALINK (workspace and checkout)

Dimensions and parameters

  • Create or modify dimensions and parameters
  • Prompt for parameters values
  • Read values from a file
  • Create model relations

User interface customization

  • Menu customization (top only)
  • Dialog box customization
  • Interactive selection

Core modeling (access to geometry)

  • Suppress, resume, interchange features and components
  • Geometry traversal
  • Family table creation or modification
  • Placement of UDFs
  • Delete features
  • Feature creation or redefinition
  • Ability to manipulate assemblies

Model appereance

  • Layer operations
  • Simplified rep operations (retrieve and activate)

Examples of applications

  • Automate Creo Parametric session from a Visual Basic program
  • Use Internet Explorer to configure Creo models
  • Send values from Excel spreadsheets directly to Creo dimensions or parameters
  • Create custom interfaces to Creo that allow non-Creo users to configure and generate models and documents
  • Create Creo design utilities in Visual Basic
  • Use Excel, Access, SQLServer, or Oracle to store Family Table Data
  • Retrieve parameter information directly from Creo models into MS Office applications for calculations

Custom projects developed using AGW

created by Tomáš Loun