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BAE - Optical Modeling Extension

The purpose of this application is to give an end-user the ability to display optical pathways within complex optic-mechanical assemblies, designed using Creo Elements/Pro. A ray-tracing algorithm is used to calculate the path and the result of the calculation is used for creating the geometry of rays inside Creo Elements/Pro.

Creo Parametric add-on

The application has been written using Pro/TOOLKIT, an API of the Creo Parametric system. Using Pro/TOOLKIT capabilities it was possible to incorporate the functionality directly into Creo Parametric so that the user interacts with the application directly within Creo Elements/Pro.

beam of raysUser interface

The intuitive user interface consists of a few dialog windows. For every part material (refractive index) can be specified and to any surface material properties (reflectivity, transmissibility) can be assigned.

Some properties can be set to every light source:

  • type (point, spot, directional, general)
  • beam of raysnumber of rays
  • wavelength
  • ray distribution (random, polar, spherical, Cartesian, ...)

            Termaco Configuration Wizard

created by Tomáš Loun