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Bucyrus - Conveyor System Configurator

The company Bucyrus (DBT) constructs conveyors for automatic coal mining. The project's goal is to allow whole conveyor building dependently on user's configuration. Created conveyors can be modified and reused. Further, application test collisions which can come during conveyor movement.

Brief conveyor descriptionStandard pan

The conveyor consist of two driving items (Main drive, Second drive). Between them there is a track with pans. The track consists of several types of pan, which are connected by so call dogbones. Along the track the shearer is moving which mines the coal. After mining along whole track length, conveyor is moving a step further to coal seam and the process is repeated.

Application descriptionConveyor

The project consists of several individual applications which cooperate together:
  • FrontEnd application - serves for filling database with data defining conveyor structure
  • Reference Checker - tests if entered data in database correspond with Creo Elements/Pro models
  • Builder (engine) - core of the program; builds conveyor dependently on given configuration
  • Configurator (GUI) - wizard, which allows user to set up conveyor configuration and then runs the Builder
  • Component Exchange - Pro/TOOLKIT application, which allows to replace any component from assembly for any other component with the same coordinates systems names.
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created by Tomáš Loun