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Software application to generate drawings of tools for lens machining.

Goal of the OpticTool project

  • Replace out-of-date software delivered together with NC machines Schneider and SynchroSpeed.
  • Make preparation of production drawings easier and faster.
  • Use Creo Elements/Pro (formerly Pro/ENGINEER) to generate precise drawings.
  • Allow later enhancememts of the software according future needs.
OpticTool UI

Scope of the project

    According to parameters of the pressed part / lens the application generates drawing of the assembly and all parts for each step of the lens manufacturing (milling, burnishing)
  • Parts and drawings are generated automatically however the user can modify key dimensions and thus tune the assmbly
  • It is possible to print out the drawings and export them to PDF using standad Creo Elements/Pro functionality

User interface of the software

  • Set of dialog windows (wizard style)
  • Creo Elements/Pro in drawing mode
  • Only basic knowledge of the Creo Elements/Pro is required to use the software
OpticTool UI


Comparing of the original and new solutions:
Before Now
2 different software with various user interface One software according their needs = easier usage
Necessary manual changes on generated drawings Generated drawings aqre correct = no manual changes
Preparation of new set of drawings takes several hours New drawings are ready in tens minutes

created by Tomáš Loun